Christopher Rice
May 13, 2019

Producer: Anthony Williams
Online Product: Kapital City Blog
Started: Feb.2019 (This Year)
Consumers: Anyone with a device to get online (INTERNET)

Kapital City Material…


KAPITAL CITY BLOG is a Home for past and present stories, blogs filled with people that used their COMPUTER or CELL PHONE to utilized the internet by building websites, blogs. cellphone apps, different kinds of software etc etc and gained CAPITAL through the internet to do other projects like create games, start an online business from home, eCommerce websites and much more from a COMPUTER or CELL PHONE. I find those stories interesting, inspiring, BENEFICIAL and trending because the internet is a big place but only a few understand the potential that the internet has to change lives, while the rest are CONSUMERS and use the internet for fun and socializing instead of PRODUCING. There is a chance that some of my blogs might not be that long and/or only be focused on that product alone without naming the PRODUCER, it will be your own homework to research to find out on your own the producer of that product so you can learn to use the internet for more than fun, socializing and CONSUMING. Also, here and there I might post some of my thoughts to feel in some space because there is always something on my mind. The INTERNET is NOW and the FUTURE so get on board.



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  1. it’s clean and modern and works great.

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