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May 15, 2019
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June 4, 2019

Producers: Chris Dewolfe, Jon Hart and Tom Anderson
Online Product: Myspace
Started: Aug.2003 – 14 years ago
Consumers: Anyone with a device to get online (INTERNET)

Kapital City Material…


Myspace that many of us are familiar with, was once popping and the most talked about social media site that begun in Aug.2003 by Chris Dewolfe, Jon Hart and Tom Anderson. There were many users and even I was one of them. We all were able to give our pages an awesome background layout, display our top friends and even add music to our page for visitors to hear. There were many other features that I did not get around to using that many people used. There was Myspace Tom that gained most of the popularity even though Tom was 1 out of 3 that was behind the creation of Myspace, everyone knew and know Tom’s picture until this very day with Tom sitting at a desk, in a white T with the biggest smile on his face. In 2005, Myspace was sold for $580 million, now I see why Tom had the biggest smile on his face from US to Africa even though that money came later. Also in 2005, Chris Dewolfe tried to purchase Facebook but did not want to pay the 75 million for Facebook that Mark Zuckerberg was asking for but that was a good thing for Mark but that is for another blog. The $580M came only 2 years later after Myspace begun and that is a big deal to Kapital City to know what could be accomplished in a short period of time with persistence and hard work and gain enough Capital to do other things and/or retire. Zynga and RockYou, gaming companies became big because of Myspace’s platform. Myspace is still running and has millions of active users until this very day so Myspace did not completely fade away, it just not the big thing anymore but from 2005 to 2008 it was the biggest social site in the world. Over the years Myspace generated millions and in 2008 Myspace generated over $800 million because of advertisements. Much respect to the dynamic duo, I wish I could retire in 2 years with $580 million in my bank account (laugh).

Facebook, Zynga and RockYou will be blogged at a later date.


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