October 23, 2019
P.T. Barnum
December 4, 2019

Producers: Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim, and Steve Chen
Online Product: YouTube
Started: Feb.2005 – 14 years ago
Consumers: Anyone with a device to get online (INTERNET)

Kapital City Material…


YouTube is like the first of its kind and a video-based powerhouse website for users all over the world to share videos. Everyone knows about YouTube, if they are not talking about WordStar (WSHH) then people will refer to YouTube when there is a new video going viral and a must see. It was put together by 3 friends Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim, and Steve Chen that had worked for paypal and a few investors jumped on later. Apparently, YouTube was supposed to be a dating site through videos, but they were not getting many videos from people, so they turned YouTube into something bigger and unforgettable. One of the friends came up with the idea after searching for the video with Janet Jackson and Timberlake performance during a Superbowl halftime, when Timberlake removed Janet’s garment and exposed one of Janet’s breast (I’d seen it LoL). They had sold YouTube for a little over 1 billion dollars but YouTube now, generate billions annually in revenue so they sold YouTube a little too fast especially for only having it for a year and some months before they had sold it. They had started YouTube in Feb.2005 and sold it in Nov.2006 even though that’s a great return on an investment that they only had for a year and some months and sold for a billion plus. YouTube is bigger and better and creating millionaires every day. People can purchase tv shows and movies through YouTube and much more. People can create their own YouTube channels with their own videos and get paid for views after a certain amount. For example, 1,000 views can earn a person between 1 to 7 dollars and if you don’t believe me then research it and all the millionaires that create funny videos down to children reviewing toys and generating passive income. It will be even better to research and build your own website and maybe sell it for millions or billions than researching my blog. Jump on the train or get left behind. Remember the last its like an example to learn from it and make yours better so you have the advantage that they didn’t have at the time. Oh, Google had purchased YouTube if you didn’t know by now.

Paypal and Google will be blogged at a later date.



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